Current Trail Conditions



Please check back here during season for frequent updates on trail conditions and grooming reports.







Gas is available at The Thirsty Moose, Cranberry Lake Lodge &

 Ham's Mini Mart



The Town has plowed two parking areas - the first is located next to the tracks, if that is full  the second is 1/8 mile ahead at Mt. Arab Park.  Vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed.






03/17/09:  Riding:  Poor

Trails officially close April 1st.

The snow is melting fast!

Beware of gates that may be locked!

I am ready for margaritas on the deck!


03/05/09:  Riding:  Fair to Good

Trails are icey and there are bare spots.

Supposed to warm up so should soften up.  NEED SNOW!!!


3/02/09:  Riding:  Good!

Carriage Road, Grass River Railroad, Spur Road & Mink Brook groomed.  The trails are good, but they are icey & where there are open areas it is getting bare.  The Boy Scout Road after the Parade Fields is bare.  Bummer the big storm missed us!  Going to need to start snow dancing!


2/26/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Couldn't groom - too warm.  It is going to warm till Friday & be rainy & windy - then it is going to be cold & snowy!  Should be a good weekend to ride!


2/24/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Carriage Road, Mink Brook & Grass River Railroad to S88 to Yellow Gate all groomed today.  Trails are excellent!


2/23/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

6" new snow!  Tracks from Gull Pond Road to Sabattis groomed today and are good.  All trails groomed & they are excellent!  Horseshoe Lake Trail remains closed due to logging.


2/19/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

5" new snow!  Carriage Road groomed today.  All trails are in excellent condition.  Get out and ride!


2/18/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Got 3" new snow & still snowing!  Grasse River Railroad & Mink Brook groomed today.  Trails are excellent, corners are icey.


2/16/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Horseshoe Lake Trail is CLOSED due to logging, use tracks to Mt. Arab Rd.  Tracks from Mt. Arab to Sabattis groomed today & in very good condition with just a few rails showing.  All trails being groomed daily and are all in excellent condition.  Get out & ride!!!


2/09/09: Riding:  Excellent!

Massawepie Blvd., Grass River Railroad to Yellow Gate, Mink Brook all groomed today.  Groomer going out tonight to do Carriage Rd. & tracks from Mt. Arab Rd. to Horseshoe Lake.  Check back - it is supposed to get warm.


2/05/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Carriage Rd., Horseshoe Trail, S88-Sampson Pond to Yellow Gate & Grass River Railroad all groomed today.  Trails are excellent, but neeed snow!


02/04/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

No new snow!  Grass River Railroad, Massawepie Blvd. & Mink Brook all groomed today.  NEEED SNOW!!!


2/02/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

All trails groomed this weekend & today.  Tracks were groomed from Horseshoe to Sabattis on Saturday & tracks were groomed from Mt. Arab to Horseshoe today - not to bad, but need snow!  Trails are excellent!


1/30/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

2" new snow.  Tracks are being groomed from Horseshoe Lake to Sabattis right now.  Not too bad & word is tracks being groomed from Tupper to Charlie's.  All trails are excellent.  Get out and ride!


1/29/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Total new snow - 6" - only!  All trails groomed today & are in excellent condition.  Did not get enough snow to groom tracks & they are in bad condition.  Get out & ride - going above 0* this weekend!


1/28/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Finally - 4" new snow & still snowing.  Massawepie Blvd. & Mink Brook groomed today.  Groomers will be out tomorrow, hopefully get enough snow to groom the tracks.  Check back!


1/26/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

All trails groomed today.  Trails are in excellent condition - but - tracks will need more snow to be groomed again, tracks are bad from Tupper to Horseshoe & not to bad from Horseshoe to Sabattis.  Supposed to snow this week - a foot would be really nice & above 0 temps would be nice too!  Check back.


1/25/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Lightly snowing - just 1 new inch.  Horseshoe Trail, Grass River Railroad, Spur to S88 (Sampson Pond) was groomed today to the yellow gate at Rte. 3.  Tracks from Tupper to Mt. Arab are bad & tracks from Mt. Arab to Horseshoe & Sabattis are fair to good.  We need snow dancers!  We need more snow!


1/22/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

Believe it or not - WE NEED MORE SNOW - wish the Tug Hill would share!!  Tracks were groomed from Mt. Arab to Tupper and are in poor condition.  Tracks from Horseshoe to Sabattis are in good condition.  Grass River Railroad, Mink Brook & Shurtliff were all groomed and are in great condition.

Trails are excellent!


1/18/09  Riding:  Excellent!

Trails are excellent!  Tracks from Horseshoe to Sabattis were groomed Friday & tracks from Gull Pond to Mt. Arab groomed today - good condition with a few rails showing.  Riding is excellent from Childwold to Cranberry!


1/15/09:  Riding:  Excellent & Cold!

3" New Snow & everything is groomed.  Horseshoe Trail groomed & only 1/2 signed & a portion of the trail was plowed by the departing loggers - this area needs more snow to be groomed.  Tracks have not been groomed yet, hope to be done this weekend.  Gonna be cold - dress warm!


1/12/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

4" New Snow.  Grasse River Railroad, Massawepie Blvd. & Mink Brook groomed today.  New trail open behind Rustic Lodge to Cranberry Lake to avoid broken bridge.


1/09/09: Riding:  Excellent!

12" New Snow in 36 hours.  All trails groomed today, including Carriage Road.  Be sure to check for trail closures in Cranberry @


1/8/09:  Riding:  Excellent!

10" NEW Snow & STILL snowing!  Horseshoe Lake Trail partially groomed today.  Still share trail with loggers & currently unsigned, passable - use extreme caution.  Tracks between Tupper Lake & Beaver River have not been groomed, but reports are there is 10" of fluff & you will hit rails.  Please check for trail closures in Cranberry Lake, due to logging.  Groomers will be out all day Friday.


1/4/09:  Riding:  Good

Riding is pretty good & will be better with more snow this week.  Groomers going out this week to do more signing & Horseshoe Lake Trail should be reopened this week.


12/31/08:  Riding:  Fair

Groomers going out today.  Going to be cold & more snow forecasted.  Standing water should freeze & debris will be cleaned up.  There won't be another update till Sunday - going up to ride!



12/30/08:  Riding:  Poor to Fair

6" new snow.  Groomers did not go out today.  Trails are icy with many branches & limbs down.  Still standing water in many locations.  USE CAUTION.  Neeeeed Snow!!!


12/28/08:  Riding:  Poor

Not an official groomer report, but I was there - it poured, the temps went to 50* & then there was very high winds.  I assume there will be some mud, standing water & debris/trees on the trails.

Start doing that snow dance - need some cold temps & more snow!


12/26/08:  Riding:  Fair to Good

All trails groomed today.  Lost 40% of the snow to the Christmas Eve rain.

Icy conditions with branches down.  Large area of standing water at bridge on Carriage Road, passable, use caution. With the upcoming warm-up, check back.


12/22/08:  Riding:  Good to Excellent

Got another 2' of fluffy snow!

Groomers going out & hope to do railroad tracks on Friday.


12/21/08:  Riding:  Good to Excellent

Got 14" of new snow & still snowing!

All trails groomed & there are some slushy spots.


12/20/08:  Riding:  Good to Excellent

Groomers were out Friday night & groomed all trails except Mink Brook.  There are some branches down & some water on Carriage Road.  14" new snow on Friday & more on the way!  Groomers going out today & concentrating on Mink Brook area.  Signing is ongoing, please be patient.


12/14/08:  Currently 14" of snow!

Trails will be groomed when weather permits (supposed to get warm).

Some areas are still unsigned & may have downfalls - BEWARE!

Groomers will be out as soon as possible & updates to follow.


10/29/08:  GOT SNOW - 16"!